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Where to find FAQs

Bobby Bodenheimer’s article, from which this FAQ was developed, used to be posted (nominally monthly) to newsgroup comp.text.tex. The (long obsolete) last posted copy of that article is kept on CTAN for auld lang syne.

The sources of the present FAQ are available from CTAN.

This FAQ and others are regularly mentioned, on comp.text.tex and elsewhere, in a “pointer FAQ” which is also saved at

A 2006 innovation from Scott Pakin is the “visual” LaTeX FAQ. This is a document with (mostly rubbish) text formatted so as to highlight things we discuss here, and providing Acrobat hyper-links to the relevant answers in this FAQ on the Web. The visual FAQ is provided in PDF format, on CTAN; it works best using Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 (or later); some features are missing with other readers, or with earlier versions of Acrobat Reader.

The Wikibook about LaTeX offers a FAQ.

Another excellent information source, available in English, is the (La)TeX navigator.

Both the French-speaking TeX user group, GUTenberg, and the Czech/Slovak user group CS-TUG have published translations of this FAQ in the past, with extensions appropriate to their languages.

The French FAQ is currently hosted on an open wiki at and is actively updated. Its contributors have gathered material from the French historical FAQ from fr.comp.text.tex and from this FAQ. Feel free to contribute!

Other non-English FAQs are available (off-CTAN):

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