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Typography tutorials

Peter Wilson’s article memdesign has a lengthy introductory section on typographic considerations, which is a fine tutorial, written by someone who is aware of the issues as they apply to (La)TeX users. (Memdesign now distributed separately from the manual for his memoir class, but was originally part of that manual)

Charles Hedrick’s Guidelines for Typography in NBCS (New Brunswick Computer Services): this short manual is intended to be a checklist on how to present a document. The author’s website (archived here) is also worth checking: it provides versions of this document in fourteen different fonts, for comparison purposes.

Would you like to experiment with a such basic concept than kerning, you could try the website kerntype website. With on-screen practical examples, it will train your eye with a diversity of typefaces.

The Free Encyclopedia of Print strives to provide a comprehensive, open-source knowledge base of information on the printing and graphic communication industry. Once an open wiki, it’s now in a read-only static archive state, but the site has over 7,500 articles, mainly from the Encyclopedia of Graphic Communications, by Frank Romano (Prentice Hall, 1998, ISBN-13 978-0130964229).

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