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Specialist mailing lists

The previous question, “getting help”, talked of the two major forums in which (La)TeX, MetaFont and MetaPost are discussed; however, these aren’t the only ones available.

The TUG web site offers many mailing lists other than just texhax via its mail list management page.

The French national TeX user group, Gutenberg, offers a MetaFont (and, de facto, MetaPost) mailing list, subscribe to it by sending a message

subscribe metafont


(Note that there’s also a MetaPost-specific mailing list available via the TUG list server; in fact there’s little danger of becoming confused by subscribing to both.)

Announcements of TeX-related installations on the CTAN archives are sent to the mailing list ctan-ann. Subscribe to the list via its MailMan web-site; list archives are available at the same address. An RSS feed is available at

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Last updated: 2016-08-18