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Installation using TeX Live manager

TeX Live manager (tlmgr) is, by default, a shell (or Windows terminal window) command. There is voluminous documentation about it from the command tldoc tlmgr but basic operation is pretty straightforward. The manager needs to know where to download stuff from; the canonical setup is

tlmgr option repository

which passes the decision to the mirror selector. You can (of course) specify a particular archive or mirror that you “trust”, or even a local disc copy that you keep up-to-date (disc space and bandwidth are so cheap nowadays, that a “home mirror” of CTAN is a feasible proposition).

To install a single package, use:

tlmgr install <package>

To update a single package that has previously been installed, use:

tlmgr update <package>

To update everything you already have in your installation, use:

tlmgr update --all

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