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How many pages are there in my document?

Simple documents (those that start at page 1, and don’t have any breaks in their page numbering until their last page) present no problem to the seeker after this truth. The number of pages is reported by the lastpage package in its LastPage label.

For more complicated documents (most obviously, books with frontmatter in a different series of page numbers) this simple approach will not do.

The count1to package defines a label TotalPages; this is the value of its copy of \count1 (a reserved TeX count register) at the end of the document.

Package totpages defines a label TotPages, but it also makes the register it uses available as a LaTeX counter, TotPages, which you can also reference via \theTotPages. Of course, the counter TotPages is asynchronous in the same way that page numbers are, but snapshots may safely be taken in the output routine.

The memoir class defines two counters lastpage and lastsheet, which are set (after the first run of a document) to the equivalent of the LastPage label and the TotalPages labels.

Both count1to and totpages need the support of the everyshi package.

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