Frequently Asked Question List for TeX


Commercial TeX implementations

There are many commercial implementations of TeX. The first appeared not long after TeX itself appeared.

What follows is probably an incomplete list. Naturally, no warranty or fitness for purpose is implied by the inclusion of any vendor in this list. The source of the information is given to provide some clues to its currency.

In general, a commercial implementation will come “complete”, that is, with suitable previewers and printer drivers. They normally also have extensive documentation (i.e., not just the TeXbook!) and some sort of support service. In some cases this is a toll free number (probably applicable only within the USA and or Canada), but others also have email, and normal telephone and fax support.

Note that the company Y&Y has gone out of business, and Y&Y TeX (and support for it) is therefore no longer available. Users of Y&Y systems may care to use the self-help mailing list that was established in 2003; the remaining usable content of Y&Y’s web site is available at

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